A few minutes ago, I decided to open a word document and freestyle, so of course I went right into poetry. Sadly, I wrote something depressing…so…enjoy, I guess.

(Please do not use this poem elsewhere without my permission)

Grease pours out from the cracks in the wall

Not a light to illuminate this dark room

A fiery hand against your icy skin

Is all that’s left within

A soft whisper breaks through your clogged throat

Laced with cold, icy-blue greed

The hand tightens to pierce your skin

An old legend just out of your grasp

Awake from the dream that was once known as “yourself”

You wander aimlessly, a puzzle piece

Searching for where you fit

But the empty spaces do not welcome

Such a misshapen shadow of the past

The flames lick your face

A whip of reminder and faith

“May the truth set you free”

But where is it said of the pain you shall feel?

A puzzle piece

One piece alone

Can never make such a complex whole

On its own