Thoughts on the Canadian Election

Staying up late for the Canadian elections is kind of like a family tradition from me. Despite being 13 and only “seeing” few federal elections in my life time, I found it very intriguing this year. I am a fan of both the NDP and Liberal parties and it’s interesting to see one of these parties finally prevail over Steven Harper and the Conservatives.

Just like all the previous elections, my family gathered around the T.V., at 7:00, waiting for the votes from Atlantic Canada. We shared a cheer as the Liberal party’s seats rised. We shared a remorseful sigh as the NDP remained 3rd. And we shared a laugh as the Conservatives remained second, barely reaching 100 seats.

It felt kind of odd this year though. I felt more mature than last time around but it didn’t feel like I was quite “there”. Maybe it’s the fact I can’t take part in the voting. And guess what? Next time, I’ll still be unable to vote.

At least I got school elections to look forward to, right?

(Too bad I lost in this year’s Student Council election. High school anyone?)