It’s Been Awhile

Hey, guys! It’s been awhile. The last few weeks have been hectic and I’m feeling emotionally, physically and mentally drained. Hopefully, I can get back into writing again, despite all that has happened.

December is coming up and November is leaving. It feels terrible to think about NaNoWriMo and how horribly my first time taking part has gone. Despite not being online, I did write some of my story in a notebook I carry around but it seems like the words I’ve written will take me no where near my goal. It’s kind of saddening, really, but I’ll continue writing my story ┬áno matter what.

I’ll see you all around!



I have a lot of work to get done before I can continue my story…It makes me kind of sad. I don’t believe I can get it done before November 30. But anyways, I’m actually going on a 3-day road trip so I definitely won’t be able to update you guys on my progress.

Despite not writing my novel, I got some poetry done but it was more for school than for myself (I really liked writing poetry, though. I should do it more often.)

So…see you guys on Monday?